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Danny Coleman
Post-Evangelical Quaker

I can only think of a handful of encounters I had with Christianity as a child.
One was when I spent the night at a friendís house and went to church with them the next morning.
I remember the church interior being dark with wooden pews and a musty smell. I remember a wheezy organ and the people singing,

Bringiní in the sheaves, Bringiní in the sheaves,
We will come rejoicing, Bringiní in the sheaves,

I didnít know what cheese had to do with anything
and I recall being disappointed that they did not, in fact, bring in any cheese.

Philip Cosand
Christian Without the Pulpit

Welcome to Cosand's blog,
where a lifelong Christian tells about his thoughts
(be they oddball or serious) in a rather secular area.

Anecdotal Tales
Some stories are true, some are merely possible.
"We all got a story to tell" -SHeDAISY

Trillian and Athena
More Puzzling Evidence
This just in from the Department of Tall Tales and Made Up Facts

Friday Night Fire
After the last of the Christmas tree had gone up in smoke,
and the last round of Kick the Can had been played, Athena and I headed home.
We ran across the dark park and into the streetlight-illuminated parking lot.
I slowed to walking and watched Athena run ahead:
red dress over rainbow leggings and a polar-blue long-sleeved shirt, ponytail bouncing.
Her body danced with the freedom of flight, legs and arms pumping
in an easy movement, her energy finding outlet through every pore,
every bouncing hair follicle. Music poured from a jam session in progress
as we passed the pediatricianís house on the corner of our block.
We smelled of woodsmoke and night breezes, and Athena had soot in her hair. ____________________________________________________________

Becky Wood
Siloe Medical Mission in Baja California
... some of the people we treat arenít Mexican.
Some of the people have dropped out of the US scene.

This ... is from an AIDS patient Iíve come to know fairly well.
This is what he wrote to Sarah on New Yearís Eve.

Thank you for including me in your family in Christ.
There have been times when I doubted myself and my faith,
but all I need do is reminisce about the times
you and your staff have been there for me.
I have full confidence now that this is Gods work and I have been blessed.


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