Our History -- Part One

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A brief synopsis of where we come from


Our Roots start in Alaska and Indiana

  • Quakers were in Alaska as early as 1867 as whalers, teachers, and missionaries
  • In 1887 Elwood Weesner and William Bangham established a mission on Douglas Island near Juneau
  • George Harvey became a Christian and was one of the original members
    of the Douglas Monthly Meeting of Friends in 1897
  • Charles and May Replogle from Indiana were convinced Friends
  • Charles was recorded in Western Yearly Meeting, Indiana
  • At the request of Kansas Yearly Meeting,
    Charles and May Replogle went to Douglas to head the mission work in 1893

Friends Beginnings in Washington

  • George Harvey moved to Everett in 1900
  • 1900-George Harvey and William Philpott started a Sunday School in Everett
  • 1904-Everett Monthly Meeting of Friends
    is established and Charles Replogle is called as pastor

The establishment of Seattle Monthly Meeting of Friends
  • 1905 George Harvey and family move to a new home in Seattle on Dearborn Street
  • George Harvey puts a tent on the vacant lot next door
  • Seattle Friends begins in a tent, with a straw floor, folding chairs and a low platform in 1905
  • Seattle Monthly Meeting of Friends opening minute
  • "At a Meeting of Friends held in Tabernacle, Dearborn Street, Seattle, State of Washington. USA. 7th Mo 10th 1905.

    The minute of Winchester Quarterly Meeting to Everett Monthly Meeting
    and this place granting the request for the establishment of a Monthly Meeting
    of Friends in Seattle has been read and accepted by us."

Seattle Monthly Meeting of Friends-Original members in 1905

1. George W Harvey
2. Ellen Harvey
3. Florence E Harvey
4. George H Harvey
5. Grace Lee Harvey
6. Charles Parrish
7. Myrtle Parrish
8. Marry Agnes Parrish
9. Abbie Louise Parrish
10. Joshua Wright
11. Martha Wright
12. Earnest G Gordon
13. Mary Wright Gordon
14. Louise Gordon
15. Grace Gordon
16. William Swan Sinton
17. Hosetta Blowers
18. Carl Kirk
19. Harvey F Tyler
20. Sarah Tyler
21. Myrtle Tyler

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