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Northwest Yearly Meeting Website

The men, women, and children of 57 churches in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington joined together to worship God, serve Jesus Christ personally and through outreach ministries, and to pray that, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will impact society with love in action.
The Society of Friends, often called Quakers, are historically seekers of God's will and peace.

Goodnews Associates

A Christian, nonprofit, ministry organization supporting individuals who are called to non-institutional ministries in the fields of writing, speaking and teaching, spiritual direction, art, music, drama, dance, contemplative prayer, and service.

Mennonite Mutual website
MMA online, MMA online Northwest
Celia Mueller

Wise investment choices -- Retirement planning
Socially Responsible investing

If you want to know more about Quakers, and how God can become an essential part of your life, visit this comprehensive site.

A Future & a Hope
A Future & a Hope Ministries website

Our vision is to partner with local churches to provide long-term pastoral care to individuals and families.
We believe each person has worth, no matter past, present or future issues in life.
We believe in God and in God's love for ALL people.

We believe that God speaks to each person in unique ways
and each person deserves a chance to be heard.

A Future & A Hope Ministry has been formed to help people who hurt.
One of the most common responses to a difficult life is to isolate from others and feel totally alone.
We want you to know you are not alone.
Many other people have been where you are and have come to new places of hope and courage.
You can too.

Twin Rocks Friends Camps and Conference Center
Twin Rocks website

Check out their site for upcoming exciting and uplifting events.

118 acres of lake, forest, stream and seaside.
Camps, conferences, retreats for people of all ages.
Rental accommodations for up to 330 people.


Active Peacemaking


Quaker Life at

Friends Committee for National Legislation

Quaker Bookstores and Information Sources
Barclay Press
Quaker Hill Bookstore
Pendle Hill

Quaker Life Magazine

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