Quaker Quilters

Stone Soup Quilts

After translating The Message Bible,
Eugene Peterson was asked how it had changed him.
He replied that the Bible isn't hard to understand.
He challenged us to disband our Bible study groups.
Instead, we need more BOG's-Bible Obedience Groups.
It is the living out of this obedience that leads us to ministry.
We are all called to ministry.
The ministries listed here arise out of the callings
of people associated with North Seattle Friends Church.

  • Bereavement
  • Book Club
  • Childcare
  • Composing and arranging music
  • Conscientious Objection
  • Construction ministry
  • Domestic violence services and consortium
  • Environmental concerns
  • Good News Associates - A Christian nonprofit supporting individuals called to non-institutional ministries
  • Orthodontic work
  • Peace and Justice Issues
  • Peace through Pieces - Trauma healing through quilt making, a ministry in Burundi, Africa
  • Prayer and healing ministry
  • Prison ministry
  • Public speaking
  • Puppets
  • Quaker Cove - Retreat Center located near Anacortes, Washington
  • Quaker Quilters
  • Stone Soup Quilting Ministry
  • Storytelling
  • Website
  • Women's Quaker Theological Conference
  • Writing ministry