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Remember as you go about your day that you may be the only Jesus some of your friends, neighbors, and family will ever see.
Wanda E. Brunstetter

"I think the Sermon on the Mount has no meaning if it is not of vital use in everyday life to everyone."
Mahatma Gandhi

"War is not so much the cause of sickness of our civilization
as a symptom or a demonstration of that sickness."

"It is relatively easy to unite men negatively, i.e.,
for the purposes of combat."
D. Elton Trueblood

"Faith is an anvil which has worn out many hammers."
Lord Tweedsmuir

"I have often repented of speech, but never of silence."
'If we seek God, he will show himself to us, and if we keep him, he will remain close to us.'
St. Arsenius,

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North Seattle Friends Church
A Quaker meeting
We are Loudly Silent, Assertively Contemplative, Humbly Prophetic

Meeting for Worship Programmed meeting: 11:00 am Sunday
Meeting for Learning Educational Classes for Youth and Adults: 9:30 am Sunday

Silent Worship and Meditation 8:30 am Sunday

The scope and reality of the United States' torture of detainees is now clear and undeniable.
We are anguished and humbly repent for the sins that were done on our behalf and in our name.
Torture is wrong.
It is a sin against God.
It is a sin against the humanity of those being tortured and those doing the torture.
We ask forgiveness for our nation.

North Seattle Friends

Way of the Spirit Ė the 2015 module begins January 16-19
with a retreat on discernment. For more information
see Patty or Jan (presenters) or Becky and Carla (attendees).
Information on the whole program here
Information on the January 16-19 retreat here


A Thank You Letter to Stone Soup Quilts recently received.

Check out the poetry written by our members posted in the East Hallway.
Gahzals, free verse, rhymes, and haikus (Gesundheit!) and more


Sabath by the Sea -- Personal retreats on the Oregon Coast, 2015
What is Sabbath by the Sea?
Itís a chance to relax, to spend time reflecting on life and the Creator who formed you.
Itís space to talk with God, and to listen to God speaking to you.
Itís uninterrupted time for just you and God, finding restoration from lifeís trials and wounds.
Itís the peace that comes from taking time to pray,
to really pour out your heart before God and listen for Godís response.

Information, dates, sign up for Sabbath

Information on Twin Rocks, Rochaway Beach Oregon


A Church Reborn
Do you have a yearning for God and a keen sense of spirituality, yet you can't quite find a fit with traditional churches?
Do you have a relationship with God that brings you peace, but you don't know how to be part of church-as-you-know it?
Over 350 years ago, Friends shed the trappings of their traditional church.
They knew that the heart of Christianity was a direct, experiential relationship with Jesus.
If a person had this relationship, they didn't need anything else.
If a person didn't have it, nothing else would satisfy.
It started a movement in which people gathered to know God together --and waited to hear from God directly.
This began the custom of waiting in Silence for ministry to emerge rather than depending upon clergy to do the God-work.
More than just changing worship, it changed the way Friends conducted business together.
In fact, it changed a lot of things,
leading us to beliefs of equality among all people, peacemaking, simplicity, and social justice.

North Seattle Friends Church is the evangelical Friends presence in Seattle.
This just might be what you have been looking for in a church.
Join us for the God-adventure.


"Quakers have never had a creed as something to be repeated or as a standard of admission to membership.
This deliberate omission is not to be understood as an indication of the judgment that convictions are unimportant.
The deepest difficulty with a fixed creed is that it inevitably becomes formal,
and, consequently, can be repeated without conviction. Even with the best of intentions, the formula is artificial and external,
and therefore something for which the sincere Christian dare not settle...
God, Quakers believe, is real."
"The People Called Quakers",
by D. Elton Trueblood, Friends United Press, 1980, page 65


I'm a Quaker because...

Philip Cosand, North Seattle Friends Church


God moves in mysterious ways, and sometimes in real ways.
We had a Meeting for Business at church today, or, to use the full Quaker nomenclature,
Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business.
I am always amazed by the transparency and care and spirituality of it.
The goal is not to arrive at consensus, but to listen together and discern how the Spirit is leading.
The end result (beside getting business done within a worshipful context) is a deepened sense of faith and community--
that God is present and at work in our midst. (Danny Coleman)